We optimise and interconnect

We optimise all types of business processes and interconnect their management platforms. This way, organisations can have a comprehensive and multidisciplinary control over their processes, allowing them to make decisions that are efficient, agile and reasoned.

We tackle company problems in two ways:

Plug-and-Play solutions

Our experience in more than 300 projects in different sectors has allowed us to identify problems that are common to most organisations, which we have packaged into products that are quick and easy to implement.

Tailor-made solutions

We initiate a tailor-made consulting, development and implementation project for all problems for which there is no predefined solution or for those where the predefined solution requires a different implementation or focus.

Production processes

Software solutions for monitoring, maximising control and achieving greater competitiveness.

We facilitate the digitising of production plants to maximise control over the processes and achieve a greater productivity and competitiveness of the facilities.

Frequently, production centres incorporate several independent digital platforms. We develop personalised solution so the different software languages and programs can talk to each other and the company is able to see an overall picture of their production processes on a single platform.

Plug-and-Play solutions

Connect, control and improve your production in real time.


Optimise and improve the handling of non-conformities to suppliers.


External support specialised in industrial programming and industry 4.0.

Tailor-made solutions:
Production capacity simulator

Reproduces the production capacity based on the human resources and machinery that is available.

Digitisation of manufacturing orders

Traceability and control of production in real time.

Connections between existing software programmes

ERP, quality programme, other solutions.

Management and administrative

Easy and intuitive software solutions that save time, cost in human resources and minimize mechanical administrative tasks.

The aim of our solutions is to free you from having to carry out administrative processes that can be automated. Increasing the speed and efficiency and eliminating errors can be accomplished in a very simple way.

Plug-and-Play Avangest solutions:
e·Solutions for DDD

Specialised solutions for environmental control companies, which are applicable to other sectors as well.

e·Solutions for SAT

Comprehensive management of contracts, technicians, warehouses, etc. Specialised solutions for SAT, which are applicable to other sectors as well.

e·Solutions for Planning

Time saving and controlled and efficient management. Increase your profit margin by saving management time.

Tailor-made solutions:

Solutions for managing time schedules and expenses for personnel engaged in organising events overseas. Geolocation of tasks and time schedules.

Monitoring and calculating the routes made by delivery personnel as well as control of the orders that are picked up and delivered.

Management of specific processes

Each problem and need has a solution. We create personalised and tailor-made solutions.

If we identify that a customer’s need are not met by any of our existing solutions, we will create and develop a tailor-made solution. We define the requirements and expectations and explain our methodology to offer a solution.

Tailor-made solutions:
  • Application that facilitates processing orders by telephone.
  • Speed dating portal between cultural event organisers and entities or artistic groups.
  • Portal for managing R&D projects. Shows the workload of each participant in the project, the hours that are outstanding and the hours completed.
  • Personalised application for managing customer loyalty cards.
  • Platform for on-line personnel selection tests.
  • Application for monitoring and tracking sporting races.