Connect, control and improve
your production in real time.

Control your machinery in 3 quick and easy steps.


Why choose e-connect?

We define big solutions as those that are easier to implement
and which provide performance and efficiency from the start.

What problems do big solutions solve at my company?
What does it allow doing?
What benefits does it provide for my company?

Simplifies decision making. Data becomes useful information with clear indicators so productivity can be increased.
Reduces maintenance costs by eliminating unscheduled productions stoppages, bottlenecks and/or wear of machinery.

Web platform

e·connect portal

The displaying of information is clear and visually appealing
for your browser and extraction.


A safe, adaptable and modular system

The great versatility of e-connect allows adapting to any size and sector

Can be connected with other types of machinery and production systems

Regardless of the type of machinery, the number of units, the location of the production chains or the industrial sector, e-connect is able to establish a dialogue.
Its versatility allows extracting information from any type of machinery, regardless of its programming language.

A modular system and 100 % adaptable to new customer requirements

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